Selection is the key to sporting success in Cricket

Cricket is a fascinating sport that glaringly depicts the reflection of cohesion and teamwork composed of contrasting characters in a particular Setup.

The individual selected on performance have to mold themselves in a particular setup and have to build a sense of uniformity. The teams that have enjoyed considerable success in the game of cricket had all the ingredients such as makeup of good players, meritorious selections done by the management and the overall ambiance created for the team to excel at international level where team has do deal with all situations are it on and off the field.

The permutation or combination surrounding a makeup of a team is critical yet often a much neglected part in the game. The inclusion of players merit can produce rich rewards for selectors and that can translate into successful prospect for the team and their plans for foreseeable future.

Going down the memory lane one can big games being influenced one or two key omissions could alter the course of the game. For example, South African team and their dream of searching for one elusive dream of winning the World Cup is now seen to be distant memory and more unachievable every time the exit the doors of the global tournaments.

The ineptness to deal with acute pressure in crunch games is one big frailty but that’s was not the case in 1996 as team selectors decided to give Paul Adams a go in place of their best bowler Allan Donald. The vagaries of the mind that pitch was spinning one prepared is also vague perception in minds of selectors in a match where a caliber and class of White Lightening would easily handed the initiative in his team favor in no time and the tournament for Proteas could all been a different story.

Selection right combination of cricket is one tough job and demands the individuals at the helm of affairs to consider all the situations and do their decision on merit. Today it is more demanding of selectors to select teams separately both for Test cricket and two other short formats i.e.50 over game and T20s.

One notable example is defending champions of 1992 World Cup Pakistan playing their Semifinal against New Zealand skipper Imran Khan and selectors trusted the talent and potential of Inzamam ul Haq who out of nowhere altered the course of the match in high scoring thriller at Eden Park, Auckland.

Teams like England in recent years have shown tremendous focus on picking players on merit and also gauging their potential and persisting with them in the longer run with the likes of Broad, Prior and Finn.

Selection if not made well could result in travesty for teams as Australian team experienced the lowest ebb in the Ashes 2010-11 against England with the inclusion of players like Bollinger, Doherty, Ferguson and Beer who were ideals replacement for test cricket and its demands.

Selecting the team in right manner is imperative and holds key team’s chances to prosper or fail in an abject manner.

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